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Rewilding Conversations: ORKCA Joins Ben Goldsmith’s Rewilding Podcast as Special Guest

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Ben Goldsmith is an environmentalist based in London, UK. Ben is the founder of the incredible podcast ‘Rewilding the World’ where he speaks to many influential people behind different rewilding projects around the globe. 

Ben has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of green investment and rewilding initiatives across Britain and Europe. Ben’s impact reverberates through his involvement in various environmental endeavors. From co-founding the Environmental Funders’ Network to championing organizations like Rewilding Britain and the Beaver Trust, he has left an indelible mark on conservation efforts.

In the podcast, Ben asks our CEO, Andreia Pawel, questions about the history of Southern Namibia, what it is that we are doing at ORKCA, the goals we have, the challenges we face, the different ways we can combat those challenges, and the steps forward to continue making ORKCA’s mission and vision come to life.

Exploring Southern Namibia and ORKCA: Highlights from ORKCA's Engaging Podcast:

  • A brief history on Southern Namibia: Learn about the historical roots that shape the unique identity of Southern Namibia
  • The landscape of Southern Namibia: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate ecosystems and terrain.
  • Who is ORKCA & what is our goal?: Discover the mission and vision driving ORKCA’s conservation efforts.
  • Partnerships in restoration: Explore the collaborative approach to restoration and conservation partnerships. “When you are dealing with conservation, you are dealing with real people.”
  • Partnerships & partnering: Learn about the opportunities for collaboration we look for at ORKCA.
  • Local communities: Delve into ORKCA’s community-centered approach and its goal in being an engine for growth for local communities
  • Challenges: Navigate the challenges and nuances of community engagement in conservation efforts.
  • The landscape before ORKCA became ORKCA: Explore the transformations brought about by ORKCA’s conservation initiatives.
  • Removing fences: Witness the impact of habitat restoration and wildlife rehabilitation initiatives.
  • Bringing in animals: Explore plans for expanding ORKCA’s conservation efforts and reintroducing key animal species.
  • How ORKCA works: Gain insights into ORKCA’s holistic conservation approach and the significance of community involvement.
  • Exposure trips: Discover the purpose and impact of ORKCA’s exposure trips.
  • Conservation as an economic driver: Explore the intersection of conservation and economic opportunity.
  • ORKCA’s dreams: Hear about ORKCA’s future aspirations.
  • ORKCA’s team: Get a glimpse into how we are currently and presently working as a team and ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • ORKCA’s CEO: Hear a brief story of ORKCA’s the personal journey of ORKCA’s CEO and her dedication to conservation.

Join us on a voyage of discovery as we uncover the untold stories, challenges, and triumphs of ORKCA’s conservation journey.