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Unveiling the Hidden Lives of Namibia’s Wildlife: A Glimpse into ORKCA’s Camera Trap Project

Kudus drinking at waterhole

With a commitment to safeguarding the region’s ecosystem, ORKCA has installed camera traps to illuminate the lives of the wildlife that call this rugged terrain their home. The presence of animals we have seen has been nothing short of exciting…

Camera Traps: Capturing Nature's Secrets

ORKCA’s camera traps have been a helpful tool in our conservation efforts and understanding of who and what continues to roam the land. Our cameras are strategically placed around water holes. Their purpose? To silently observe and document the wildlife that frequents these oases, shedding light on the species and behaviors that flourish here. Jannie, our reserve manager, uses these cameras to track the amount of animals, the movement of the animals, and to monitor the overall health of the animals.

A Glimpse into the Wildlife

Already, these camera traps have begun to deliver images that tell us stories of life. Jannie has noticed a definite increase in the number of animals captured on our game cameras since starting here. Zebras, hyenas, ostrich-  with Eland and Springbok stealing the spotlight.

“I used to get 90 to 200 photos per week. Now I am getting between 300 and 1000 photos per water hole, per week.”

Could it be a sign of a small-scale migration, a timeless journey these animals embark on from summer to winter grazing? Or perhaps, it’s the lure of the open land that beckons them.  As we remove barriers and restore the natural flow of wildlife, we’re on the cusp of unveiling even more remarkable stories from the heart of Namibia’s wilderness.

Our elusive visitors

We are feeling very lucky to have captured the sightings of some of our solitary feline friends! Our camera traps captured images of leopards in their natural habitat. Capturing these elusive predators on camera can be challenging. The presence of these beautiful cats is a sign of the health of the ecosystem we are striving to protect. Leopards, as apex predators, play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance by preying on the slower and sick animals, thereby ensuring the vitality and stability of prey populations.

Beyond Sight: The Impact of Camera Traps

The images captured by these camera traps are more than just beautiful visuals. They hold the potential to transform conservation efforts in the region. By documenting the species and their numbers, ORKCA gains valuable insights into the biodiversity of the area. This information becomes a cornerstone for crafting conservation strategies that cater to the needs of each species and ensure the delicate balance of the ecosystem. As the camera traps continue to unveil the hidden lives of Namibia’s wildlife, ORKCA’s mission gains momentum. With the knowledge offered from these images, the team is able to make informed decisions that will contribute to the preservation of Southern Namibia’s unique flora and fauna. 

The camera traps have offered us a glimpse of what roams freely on our land and what may need a helping hand. The excitement is palpable, and with every image captured, we are reminded of the value of ORKCA’s rewilding efforts.

Stay Connected for More Updates

As the camera traps keep watch and the story unfolds, stay tuned for more updates from ORKCA- showcasing the untamed beauty and resilience of Southern Namibia’s remarkable wildlife! Together, let’s celebrate the wonders of the wild and support the conservation efforts that strive to protect them. The journey has just begun- join us in this adventure of discovery. To keep up with ORKCA’s journey, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for regular photos and updates!