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The Orange River-Karoo Conservation Area (ORKCA)

Agency Building within Communities, Landscape Restoration and Rewilding and Transboundary Conservation in Southern Namibia

Collaborate with Conservation-Minded Partners to Create One of the Largest Rewilding Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Community-driven models underpinned by the latest in technological innovation, conservation science and good governance.

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Our Approach

A scalable community-managed conservation approach with nature based solutions at the core.

Partner and purchase adjoining land to create connecting habitat

Remove fences, plant indigenous species, reintroduce wildlife

Inclusive capacity sharing and co-governing with local communities, revenue generating activities

Protect wildlife, prevent poaching, research and continually learn


The story of the Orange River-Karoo region is one of ancient cultures and landscapes. The Orange River is vital for the Succulent Karoo, one of the world’s top 25 biodiversity hotspots. The Nama Karoo and Desert biomes intersect within the ORKCA landscape. Once a pristine habitat enabling the world’s largest animal migration of springbok Trekbokken, surpassing even the Serengeti’s ‘Great Migration’ of wildebeest. The springbok Trekbokken has experienced a significant decline in wildlife numbers due to non-regenerative land-use practices and the effects of climate change. The Nama people are the stewards of this land, and joined by today’s commercial farmers, we are seeking a conservation-based future which will restore the region to its former ecological diversity.

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We have an ambitious vision and rely on support to bring it to life. There are many ways to get involved with ORKCA. We would love to hear from you and connect with you. Join us in shaping a sustainable future with ORKCA’s dynamic initiatives.