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Our Approach

ORKCA strives to be an engine of sustainable economic growth through landscape restoration and community stewardship in Southern Namibia. ORKCA connects land units, through partnership and purchase, to form one vast, continuous, ecologically diverse conservation area where people and nature are resilient to climate impacts. At the heart of ORKCA’s vision is creating livelihoods through inclusive land use models, protecting endemic wildlife and land resources, and building capacity towards a conservation-based future. ORKCA works alongside the Wilderness Foundation Africa (WFA) to reconnect fragmented ecosystems on the South African and Namibian sides of the Orange River in order to reconnect the Nama and Succulent Karoo. ORKCA endeavors to work with conservation-minded partners to create one of the largest rewilding projects on the African continent.

Safeguard land


Community Agency Building

Monitor, Evaluate, and Manage


Partner and purchase adjoining land to create connecting habitat

Remove fences, plant indigenous species, reintroduce wildlife

Inclusive capacity sharing and co-governing with local communities, revenue generating activities

Protect wildlife, prevent poaching, research and continually learn