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ORKCA utilizes remote sensing, AI technology, and Earth Ranger / SMART to monitor and measure biodiversity and carbon.

Together with Natural State and ROLEX, ORKCA will use best-in-class technology to measure above-ground carbon, soil organic carbon, species richness, relative abundance, functional diversity, financial benefits, human wellbeing, ecosystem services, wildlife movement patterns, population changes, & predator-prey dynamics.

Data will be collected using:

  • Aerial & Ground Remote Sensing (aerial scans, lidar, camera traps, acoustic sensors)
  • Satellite Data
  • Carbon Soil Sampling
  • Digital Social Surveys
  • Foot patrols
  • Airplane surveys

This data will be used to inform AI modelling systems that enable the analysis of vast data sets to quantify impact over time and the sale of integrated, high-quality biodiversity and carbon credits.



ORKCA builds its financial foundation on a diversified portfolio of revenue sources.

  • Community-driven businesses and projects. Activities like sustainable tourism, utilisation of invasive trees and regenerative farming generate revenues at the benefit of nature. An incubator fund for profitable business models will spur local entrepreneurship. Culture of financial self-sufficiency within in each project.
  • Land purchase and management fees. Funds raised will not only serve the initial purchase and integration of land, but also the ongoing rewilding, restoration and other land management operations
  • Sale of carbon & biodiversity credits. Working with Natural State & ROLEX to quantify carbon and biodiversity impacts for credit sales in the long term.
  • Innovative revenue generation and investment. Entry into blockchain, renewable energy, and sustainable foods markets. Strong commitment to investing funding into a revenue generating portfolio to reduce reliance on donations.

Strategy & Impact

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Annual Report

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