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A Day in the Life of

A Day in the life of
Jannie Van De Merwe:

Meet Jannie, a geohydrologist by training, farmer on weekends, and our dedicated ORKCA reserve manager.

Jannie spends his days driving around ORKCA HQ. He checks on water points around the reserve and ensures all fences stay up. Additionally, he manages the camera traps and processes photos. Jannie assesses grazing quality and the body conditions of all wildlife on the reserve. He also organises flora and fauna surveys and handles all maintenance and upgrades on the reserve. Moreover, he conducts geohydrological mapping for possible drill targets. He regularly meets with local stakeholders, such as the indigenous Nama community and farmers, to build relationships and trust. Furthermore, Jannie is the manager for all workers on the reserve. He also spends time with surrounding farmers and privately owned property holders. He listens to their needs and seeks opportunities where ORKCA can provide assistance.

Jannie is the bridge between the organisation and people, fostering genuine connections and understanding, for a shared vision of environmental stewardship.


A Day In The Life Of
Alton Tsowaweb:

Meet Alton Tsowaweb, our dedicated Community Programs Officer for stakeholder engagement at ORKCA. Alton can be found in-the-field engaging with local community members or, on an exposure trip with community members. Alton leads our efforts in fostering relationships with the Nama Traditional Leaders Association (NTLA), ensuring that the voices and traditions of the Nama people are respected and heard.

Alton’s time spent in Warmbad and //Gamaseb conservancy is critical to deepening connections and trust with the Warmbad community to understand their needs, wants, and dynamics, and identifying opportunities for sustainable growth. Beyond these interactions lies Alton’s commitment to gathering crucial data, recording everything from livelihood patterns to wildlife management. Alton has a keen eye for identifying talented individuals who are eager to upskill and contribute to the local economy.